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Cabin Sites Available

At completion, Canyon River Ranch will be comprised of the ten suite lodge adjacent to Red's Fly Shop and Canyon River Grill, and a total of 20 cabin sites.  Nine of these cabin sites were sold between 2009 and 2014.  The remaining 11 will be ready for purchase this summer.  This is the final phase of Canyon River Ranch, making this opportunity rare and attractive. Canyon River Ranch will have a total of just 80 owners - sixty in the lodge plus the twenty cabin sites.  The small number of ownership opportunities is fundamental to the value of Canyon River Ranch, and an essential ingredient to the Canyon River Ranch experience.

Cabin sites come complete with water, electricity, and septic service stubbed to the site.  Design guidelines to ensure appropriate and compatible architecture are set forth in the Cabin Design Book set forth by Mithun, one of the most experienced and highly regarded architectural firms in the west. The Cabin Design Book is available upon request.

Sites 10, 11, and 12 are true riverfront sites set back 200' from the bank of the Yakima River.  Sites 13, 14, 15, and 16 are set back from the riverfront sites and provide dramatic views of the Yakima River canyon.  Sites 7, 17, 18, 19,and  20 are located above the vineyard and offer a desirable southwest exposure and expansive views of the Yakima River and canyon.  Access to these sites is through a private gate and lane within the Syrah vineyard.  

Available Sites and Price List:

Riverside Sites:
Site #10:  $320,000 Riverfront South SALE PENDING
Site #11:  $320,000 Riverfront Middle SALE PENDING
Site #12:  $330,000 Riverfront North
Site #13:  $250,000 Riverside Level 2
Site #14:  $250,000 Riverside Level 2
Site #15:  $230,000 Riverside Level 3
Site #16:  $215,000 Riverside Level 4

Vineyard Sites (River and canyon views):
Site #7:  $185,000 Elevated view Click to view the MLS
Site #9:  $196,000 Elevated view Click to view the MLS
Site #17:  $199,000 View North
Site #18:  $199,000 View Middle
Site #19:  $199,000 View Middle
Site #20:  $199,000 View South

For information regarding ownership opportunities at Canyon River Ranch, contact Steve Joyce, broker, Freestone Realty: 509-929-1803; scjoyce63@gmail.com